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About WAITE Secured Line Technology Solutions

Waite Secured Line Technology Solutions mission is to work with clients to develop defensive cyber security solutions from a proactive approach, designed specifically for your environment. Our team is prepared to help your business revamp your cyber security solutions, develop an effective plan and offer competitive highly protective solutions. We have technical expertise in a full range of security solutions with requirements planning and management, vulnerability assessments, risk management, configuration management, physical security awareness, training and education for local and wide-area systems and enterprises.

Why Choose Us

Mission Statement: Provide defensive cyber security solutions from a proactive approach

Vision Statement: Create proactive cyber security environments tailored to fit our client’s needs 

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Network Monitoring
Security Operations
Risk Management
Cloud Storage
Incident Handling

Why Wait?

Time will tell when the disaster will strike.  What is your business currently doing to make sure your information is accurately protected? Waite Secured Line Technology Solutions helps you protect your business and prevents someone from compromising or stealing your products and/or information. Making sure your business is prepared to face any type of cyber security breach, natural disaster, or interruption in your company’s daily operations, Waite Secured Line Technology Solutions mission is, to provide defensive cyber security solutions from a proactive approach. We offer solutions designed personally for each client to protect businesses brand and prevent data compromise.

Our Core Values are Founded on L.E.A.D. I.T.


  • Learning– Ensuring all clients and team members understand
  • Excellence– Delivering professional results
  • Accountability– Accepting responsibility
  • Due Diligence– Verifying and examining all requirements when delivering products
  • Integrity– Establishing a rapport with our clients by delivering honest business
  • Teamwork– Collaborating with other small businesses