Your brand’s reputation is only as good as your information security.  There is nothing more important than protecting your business’s brand.  As technology advances, cyber threats are becoming more of a reality.  Losses of data, systems unavailability and/or compromise of confidential information are concerns for every business owner.  Waite Secured Line Technology Solutions helps business owners protect their brand by planning for the unexpected.  Our goal is to help your business create a custom-made cyber security plan.

Understanding the importance of protecting your businesses information and brand is our number one priority as we offer our services.  We highly encourage business owners to prepare for an unexpected disaster instead of taking a reactive approach.  Our focus is to help your business implement a cyber security plan tailored specifically to your personal needs from a PROACTIVE approach.

Featured Services


Business Impact Analysis

The business impact analysis may be used to look at all of the specific system components and then analyze the critical services they provide. This then allows us to produce a high level review of the consequences of each system and provide an understanding for an interruption to the system components.


Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring is referred to as monitoring the functions and entities associated with the business network. The functions on the network can include workstations, laptops, mobile devices, databases and other peripheral devices used on the network.


Incident Handling

Commonly known as incident reporting entails the process in place for users and administrators to follow for incidents and potential incidents which have occurred within the environment. Each function within the environment should have a proactive plan or process in place to handle the likelihood of an active incident.

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Providing defensive cyber security solutions from a proactive approach

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